Hear new This Flight Tonight songs live

Songs from "Friendly Fire" and "Daylight" EPs in current setlist, and a handful of new songs we are roadtesting! Hear the experience LIVE in full 3D!

2015 - Upcoming Gigs

(AKL) SAT 2015 Aug 01 

Full Band - Backbeat (Auckland New Zealand)

Playing with Meridian Vibe (www.facebook.com/MeridianVibe / http://meridianvibemusic.bandpage.com) + Valedictions

Facebook RSVP: www.facebook.com/events/1452021345093028

(SYD) WED 2015 Oct 28 

Solo Acoustic - Valve Bar (Sydney Australia)

Playing with Andy Kidd (www.andykidd.net www.facebook.com/andykiddmusic) + Glab (www.facebook.com/glabaustralia / www.soundcloud.com/glab-music-1)