Teen Beginnings

I began acting back at the tail end of highschool, juggling two shows in one year, playing 'Oberon' in 'A Mid Summer Night's Dream' then doing a few months show at the Auckland Town Hall with my first professional production, cast as the youngest
(17 years old) of 7 actors, performing as 'Parker' in 'The Long Wrangler' (Massive Company).

Musical 20s

As interest grew from music labels,
I concentrated what time I had establishing TFT, freelancing as an audio engineer, notably getting some NZ On Air plays through 'Josh Leys'. Whilst crafting the art of songwriting with mentor Jason Blume (Britney Spears). In my mid 20s I travelled to the UK for my OE, doing various promotions work.

Mid 30s

Now largely working in the corporate world, I still find the time being a 'weekend warrior' doing music gigs, but also recently re-signed in 2019 with an agent to do the odd background acting roles on the side. Loving the balance, and enjoying the unique memories being made.

Recent Experiences

TV Series 

  • Nov 2018 Power Rangers: Beast Morphers,  Grid Gen Personnel Power Rangers Productions Limited 
  • Sep 2018 Power Rangers: Beast Morphers,  Grid Technician Power Rangers Productions Limited 
  • Mar 2012 Shortland Street 2012,  Waiter South Pacific Pictures 
  • Feb 2012 Shortland Street 2012,  Patient/Visitor South Pacific Pictures 


  • Jun 2019 Lotto - Extras,  Family/Friends - Party, Scoundrel Films
  • Mar 2012 Hallensteins,  Bar Extras, Cherokee Films
Type: Short Film (48 Hours) Production Company: Bald Faced Cheek Role: Extra Cameo