This Flight Tonight & Solo Projects

Songwriter / Vox / Guitars / Bass / Engineer:
Ralph Warren Engle
Co-Lyrics for 'Love Unwritten': Daniel Hawkes
Except Additional Lead Guitar: Graham Bell on Bender & Lies, Love Unwritten and Know This Feeling.
Lead Guitar on Lullabies: Daniel Hewson (fun fact, son of Hewson from Dragon's 'April Sun in Cuba'.)
Drummer: Angus Grainger (all songs)
Artwork: Jan Brokoola
Investors: Ralphe, mdwh, and Bandcamp supporters.

All songs written, produced and performed
by Ralph Warren Engle. Except:
Inception Love Song co-written with Stephen Albright.
Hold On music co-written with Greg Pienaar (chord progression).
Hopeless Eloping guest guitarist Chris Peter Grant.
Sense Defeat guest guitarist and arranger Shannon Coulomb.
Production & Mastering by Ralph Engle.
Artwork photography by Redmond.
Investors: Ralphe, mdwh, and Bandcamp supporters.


All instruments and songs written, production, performance by Ralph Warren Engle.
Album Photography: Ralph Engle.

Investors: Ralphe, mdwh, and Bandcamp supporters.

All songs written by - Ralph Warren Engle
All tracks arranged with
Lead Guitar - Andy Hanson
Bass - Daniel Hawkes
Drums - Mark Tomlinson
Engineer - Ran Steiner (Offtape UK)
Mastering - Erick Labson (Universal USA).
Guest Musicians: Piano on 'Daylight' - Matthew Redmond /
Extra Guitars on 'Lately' - Lorenzo Sillitto
(The Temper Trap). Effects on 'Lately' - David Edtmaier.
Artwork by: Alerrandre
Investors: Ralphe, Dan, Andy, Mark, Mdwh, Enodog, Kiki,
Aethena, Freger65 & Sellaband believers.

All songs written by, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Keys by Ralph Warren Engle Tracks 1, 2 & 3: Lead Guitar - David Haslett / Drums: Marcelo Gonzalez Tracks 4, 5 & 6: Lead Guitar - Andy Hanson / Drums: Mark Tomlinson
Bass Guitar Duties for each track: Track 1, 2, 4 & 5: Ralph Engle, Track 6: Daniel Hawkes, Track 3: James McDonald
Engineer for tracks 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Ralph Engle
Engineer for tracks 4, 5 & 6 - Ran Steiner (Offtape UK)
Drums Tracking Engineer for tracks 1 & 3: Daniel Jung
Mastering Engineer: Sherman de Vries
Investors: Ralphe, Mdwh, Min Chen & Indiegogo fans.
Artwork: photograph of Ralphe by CRavlich, photoshop by Marcelo Gonzalez.

All songs written by Ralph Warren Engle. Except:
Track 2: Greg Pienaar & Ralph Engle
Tracks 5, 7: Chris Peter Grant & Ralph Engle.
Lead vocals by Ralph Engle
Tracks 1, 3: Guitar/Bass - Tom Fox
Keys - Marshall Smith / Drums - Rob Franks
Tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 Guitar/Bass: Greg Pienaar, Extra Guitar: James Milton, Drums: Simon De Vere
Producer/Engineer - David Edtmaier
Mastered by Kenny MacDonald + Erick Labson (Universal USA). Artwork by: Dylan Martin.
Investors: Rita, Ray, Mdwh, Martijn Albering, Ralphe, Greg, James, Simon, Sellaband believers.

Electronica Side Project

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